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Just What Do You Mean .. BORN
Government requires that the ruler retain office
successor qualifies and
inducted into office.
Lucifer's name was changed to Satan, the devil. His
angels became demons. As a result of this universal
rebellion on earth, universal destruction and chaos struck
the surface of the earth. In six days God re-shaped the
earth's surface (Genesis 1), creating fauna and flora -
and MAN!
When Man Appeared
God formed MAN, not after any animal kind, but in
God's own likenes..o; - not of spirit composition as is God,
but of material flesh and blood. The first man, Adam,
father of the human race, allowed Satan's attitude of
REBELLION to enter his heart, failing to qualify as Satan's
When Jesus was baptized by John (Mark 1:9-11),
immediately He underwent the most titanic struggle ever,
in His temptation by the devil (verses 12-13).
Jesus had come to qualify to replace Satan - to
restore the Government of God on earth, and bring back
WORLD PEACE! But, as the first Adam had undergone and
succumbed to Satan's temptation, Jesus had to face and
overcome this disqualified Satan.
Jesus underwent this test under the most trying and
difficult conditions possible. He had been almost totally
depleted of physical strength by fasting 40 days and nights
- no food and no water! Yet even in this physical
weakness, He was made the stronger SPIRITUALLY.
Few have ever realized the stupendous struggle that
took place in that crucial temptation. Jesus resisted
Satan's supreme temptations. He did it by quoting Scrip–
ture and OBEYING GoD. He
under the maximum
possible test that He would obey God's Laws and
administer God's GovERNMENT faithfully. Then, in utter
physical weakness but supreme spiritual strength, He
proved He was Satan's Master, by giving Satan a crisp
command to leave- and the defeated Satan slunk away!
Then (Mark 1:14), having qualified for the executive
administration of the Government of God on Earth, Jesus