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Just What Do You Mean
came into Galilee, saying, as quoted above, "The time is
fulfilled, and the Kingdom of God is at hand"! (Verse
WHY the News Was NEW
How was the time fulfilled?
was the Kingdom of God then at hand - and
not before?
Simply because the wonderful news of the coming
Kingdom of God could not be announced UNTIL a
successor had QUALIFIED to replace Satan as Earth's ruler!
At last the Kingdom of God - Goo's GOVERNMENT
over the earth - was at hand! At last, it was assured,
and the time was fulfilled! The One who had qualified
to rule the earth was now free to announce His coming
WHY Kingdom Not Yet Set Up
Yet Jesus was not going to
take over
the reign
immediately. There were a number of reasons:
1) God had set a definite PLAN, with a definite
time-program, for working out His PURPOSE here below!
is a 7,000-year plan of seven millennial "days," of which
the first seven literal days of re-creation were a type. The
first six of these millenniums were allotted for man, of
his own free volition (though swayed by Satan) to go his
own way. Also, in effect, they were allotted as the six
millennia! "days" for Satan's "labor" of deception over
humanity, to be followed by the millennial "Sabbath,"
in which Satan will observe
rest from his work
of deceiving the nations, and God will teach humanity
2) Jesus, in God's PLAN, was first to choose and teach
disciples to become apostles, to carry on the proclamation
of the GOOD NEWS - and to become the foundation of
His Church.
3) Christ is going to set up a world government over
all earth's nations only with the administration of a
thoroughly trained and experienced organization. The first
six thousand years of human experience has proved
abundantly that man, under Satan's sway, is utterly