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Just What Do You Mean ... BORN
incapable of ruling himself. Human-devised governments
always have failed to bring world PEACE. Yet man, even
now, seems unwilling to admit that fact. Men are still
trying, in vain, to work and fight for PEACE. And
where being "born again" comes in.
And that, also, is where being "born again" has been
tragically misunderstood and misrepresented! God's
Government will be DIVINE GovERNMENT, by the saints
converted into divine SPIRIT PERSONS, born of Goo! As
those born of humans are
beings, so those born
of the divine God will be DIVINE BEINGS, having been
given IMMORTALITY! They shall be born into - enter into
- inherit the KINGDOM OF GOD.
Kingdom Is a Family
A KINGDOM is a nation composed of people, as well
as the GOVERNMENT of that nation. The Kingdom of Goo
is composed of the divine FAMILY of God. The One Being
we habitually think of as Goo is the FATHER of that
Christ is a Son of God - a member of that divine
FAMILY, even as we may be!! That divine FAMILY
Kingdom of God.
There are five KINGDOMS - the vegetable kingdom,
the animal kingdom, the human kingdom (we are
the animal kingdom, erroneous education to the contrary
notwithstanding!!), the angel kingdom - and the Goo
God (Heb.
the uni-plural name, meaning
more than one Person, forming the
ONE Goo)
said, "Let
make man in
image, after
likeness." We
were made of material flesh, but in the form and shape
of God, and with MINDS on a totally different plane than
animal brain. The human family was made so that we
might be able to receive God's Spirit, and become His
children. Animals were NOT so made.
In God's wonderful Plan for working out His PURPOSE
here below, God has allotted the time-period between
Jesus' first coming in human flesh, and His second coming
in power and GLORY, for the calling of
to receive