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Just What Do You Mean .. BORN AGAIN/
His Spirit, and be spiritually educated and trained,
through His Word, to become rulers with Christ when
He sets up His KINGDOM.
4) In order that man might be reconciled to God,
Jesus also came for the express purpose of DEATH, by His
shed blood paying for us, in our stead, the death penalty
we have incurred as the penalty of sin. In order that we
might be given God's gift of ETERNAL LIFE, Jesus'
resurrection from the dead was necessary before we could
receive eternal life.
5) The PLAN called for Jesus' ascension to God's
throne in heaven - the throne of the Government of
God over the UNIVERSE - to become our High Priest,
during these years of training and spiritual development
of the heirs of God to be used in the executive admin–
istration of the Government of God when Christ
up that Government over earth's nations.
6) Jesus could not induct Himself into the office
while here on earth in human form.
was necessary for
Him, as explained in the parable of the pounds (Luke
19), to go to heaven to there
the authority of the
Kingdom from God (the Father) -and to be CROWNED!
The coronation ceremony will take place in heaven at
God's throne,
Christ's return in POWER and GLORY!
7) Then He must return in all that POWER and GLORY
and supreme authority to RULE!
Those are the reasons why Jesus did not then,
immediately, set up or establish the Kingdom of God!
But even Jesus' own disciples could never seem to
understand that He was not going to set up the Kingdom
of God immediately.
is human to want things Now!
WHY Jewish Rulers Hated Message
The Jewish rulers of Jesus' day, also, thought He was
proclaiming a government to be set up immediately -
to overthrow the Roman Empire, then ruling Judea as
a vassal state.
One of these rulers of the Jews was a man named