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Just What Do You Mean .. BORN AGAIN?
to be in His same IMAGE - as He is, Now! We are to
be put on Hrs SAME PLANE - as His BRETHREN - to
be also BORN OF Goo - to become Goo's soNs!
We are already
sons - IF really converted
- but what we SHALL BE, in the resurrected GLORIFIED
BODY - does not yet APPEAR - cannot yet be seen (I
John 3:1-2).
God is to have MANY SONS born of Him. Of all these,
JEsus was the
to be so BORN. He is the ONLY human
so far BORN of God, though many have already been
Colossians 1:15, 18: Speaking of Jesus "who
is the IMAGE of the INVISIBLE Goo, the FIRSTBORN of
every creature .. the FIRSTBORN from the dead." Yes,
just the
of many BRETHREN, in the very IMAGE of
bright shining GLORY of the INVISIBLE Goo. And we are
to be conformed to the SAME IMAGE (Rom. 8:29).
Now will you believe what God says in the book of
WHY should God be concerned about human beings?
From a small airplane we look like little ants down here.
From a jet 5 to 6 miles high, people on the ground have
shrunken so small they can't be seen. How TINY must
we look to Goo? WHY should He have concern for us?
The question is answered in Hebrews 2, beginning
verse 6. God made man a little lower than angels, but,
in God's PURPOSE and PLAN, He has CROWNED man, as
He first has Christ, with GLORY and HONOR.
the GLORY with which Christ is now CROWN–
ED? A crown denotes KINGship - rule - authority -
power. Jesus Christ said, just before ascending to heaven,
that AU- POWER in the universe- in heaven and in earth
- had been given to HrM.
In Heb. 1:1-3, it is revealed that Christ now is the
Yes, His eyes like flashing flames of fire - His face
shining bright as the full-strength SUN.
Christ's GLORY
such that now He sustains, upholds,