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Why Today's World Evils?
les time, now, to stop a moment and get our bearings. We live in
a world whose number one problem is threat of HUMAN EX–
world gripped in the clutch of immorality, crime
and violence.
world fraught with suffering both physical and
mental, a frustrated world staring at only hopelessness ahead!
But WHY? Why are nations being overthrown at the rate of
one a month? What has gone wrong with govemment, with reli–
gion, with higher education? - and WHY are more than half the
world's people illiterate, poverty-stricken - many actually starv–
ing- living in filth and squalor?
Yes, WHY?
1mentioned earlier the confusion and inability to understand
what one sees in a motion picture when he begins viewing at a
point more than halfway through.
one's approach to understanding today's chaotic world
starts from the vantage point of what we see today, he is, indeed,
confused, bewildered!
We must view the motion picture of REALITY from the begin-