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ning. That's why we have started this revelation of TRUTH at its
farthermost prehistoric beginning.
We have covered the actual beginning of all things, before
the material universe was, with only the two SUPREME SPIRIT PER–
SONAGES - one called "the Word," who was with God. The Per–
sonage called "The Word" created all things, under direction of
Their first feat of creation was the angels - individually cre–
ated Spirit beings - apparently many millions in number. All
these were existing in physically empty space.
Then carne the creation of our planet Earth and the entire
physical UNIVERSE- created, apparently, simultaneously.
The earth was populated by a third of all the angels! They
were assigned to utilize the physical properties of earth - to
from the earth - to enhance its beauty. In other words, to
improve and
as it were, earth's creation.
And now, a vital NEW TRUTH!
What God had created was perfect in quality - but, like un–
finished raw furniture, the earth's creation was to be completed by
the angels. Thus the angels were to participate in acts of creation!
Actually this earth was the
proving ground-
even as God en–
dowed it to be forman today- to qualify the angels to perform the
same creative finishing ofthe planets ofthe entire endless universe!
And that has
become the transcendent potential of MAN!
was imperative that the angels
work together,
in peaceful
and harmonious unison. For this purpose God placed over them
H1s GOVERNMENT- based on the spiritual Law of God. That law
a way of life
the way of LOVE - of outgoing love to God and
concern for the welfare of others.
is the way of GIVING - of
helping, serving, sharing- of kindness, consideration and merey.
On the throne of God's government God had placed the
preme masterpiece of His creation - the super archangel Lucifer.
This Lucifer, even as his angels, was endowed with an indepen–
dent MINO - to think, reason, make choices and decisions. God's
intention was to create within Lucifer and the angels,
upon their
God's own holy and righteous character.
But Lucifer led his angels into rebellion. Instead of God's
way of LOVE - of GIVING - they had turned to GETTING - to van-