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gions. Produce your own knowledge, cut off from revealed truth,
and devise your own system of disseminating such false knowl–
edge. Live according to your own distorted sense of values. But,
during this 6,000 years I shall call into my service such as I shall
choose, for the fulfillment ofMY PURPOSE."
Now WHY was it necessary to leave Satan on earth, free to
sway and deceive all mankind for 6,000 years? There were TWO
l) Those God called to His service and to salvation during
this 6,000 years, were required, as had been Adam, to QUALIFY to
reign in the GOVERNMENT OF Goo. And how? By rejecting and
overcoming Satan and his way- as well as by voluntarily choos–
ing Goo's
2) God's GOVERNMENT requires that the throne never be va–
cated. The former Lucifer must remain until a successor both
qualifies and also is inducted into the office.
And we might add a third reason. God ordained that 6,000
years of sinning human existence PROVE, for ALL TIME, that Satan's
way can result only in evils, suffering, frustration, hopelessness,
and death. God is allowing Satan to deceive and sway mankind
for 6,000 years to PROVE this truth, not only to the human race, but
to the other two-thirds of the angels.
During this 6,000 years there have been three epochs, as dif–
ferentiated from the two worlds of the antediluvian world culmi–
nating with the Noachian Flood, and this present evil world,
which shall culminate with Christ's coming to usher in the WORLD
These three epochs are l) all the time from the Adamic cre–
ation of MAN to the Old Covenant made at Mount Sinai with
Israel; 2) the epoch of the "Oid Testament Church" (Congrega–
tion of Israel); 3) the Church of God of the New Testament.
These will be discussed in chapter 9.
But it should be clear, at this point, what is the CAUSE oftoday's
world evils. The presence of Satan, and his invisible, subtile, yet su–
per-powerful sway (see chapter ll on human nature) over mankind
is the basic CAUSE. The
AYOF LIFE Satan has injected into human
minds- the way ofvanity,lust and greed- ofjealousy and envy- of
competition and strife - of rebellion and deceit- these things we