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generally term "human nature" are the direct and specific
And all humanity has suffered the
Remember though, God had made an exception. He pur–
posed to call those few HE would choose to do what He required.
Sorne 1900 years went by. Apparently Adam's second son,
Abe!, had been called, for Christ called him "righteous Abe!"
(Matt. 23:35). Enoch "walked with God." Then God called Noah.
He was perfect in bis physical descent or generations, and also
walked with God. God called him in order to save humans alive
during the Flood.
God called Abraham to forsake the life of Babylon - to
come out, as it were, from Satan's civilization- and turn to God's
way. Abraham had not sought God - yet he was a rare exception,
in that he obeyed without question or excuse.
Four hundred and thirty years after Abraham, God called
Moses. Moses had been prepared for bis calling, having been
reared as a prince in the palace of Pharaoh. But Moses, human!y,
protested. He had never sought God or the commission to which
God called him. He protested, saying in effect, "Oh, 1 can't do it,
Lord. 1have an impedimentofspeech- 1stutter." So then God told
Moses He had appointed bis brother Aaron to be bis spokesman.
God said to Moses, in effect, "You
do what 1 com–
mand you!" And thereupon, he did.
God had called Moses to lead the descendants of Abraham -
by then numbering sorne two or three million - out of Egyptian
slavery. To these "children of Israel" at Mount Sinai God made a
proposition: lf they would become Hrs NATION, governed by His
laws and statutes, He would make them the head-most nation on
earth - with the tremendous national and temporal blessings (this
life only) of becoming the most prosperous, most powerful, most
peaceful nation on earth. The people agreed.
Thereupon God entered into a COVENANT with them- later
called "the Old Covenant," mediated by Moses.
was a marriage
agreement, by which Israel agreed to obey her Husband (God),
and God agreed to make them, on obedience, earth's number one
nation. But Satan was still on earth, and busy. The lsraelites
turned to spiritual adultery, worse than a human harlot.
God called Jonah for a special mission to warn the city of