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Nineveh of impending destruction. Jonah tried to run away from
God on a ship. But when God calls one for a special mission, God
sees to it that the mission is performed!
God ca11ed the prophet Isaiah. He protested he was a man of
unclean lips. But God cleansed his lips. Then lsaiah answered,
am. Send me."
God ca11ed the prophet Jeremiah. lndeed he was, like Jesus
later, sanctified before he was born. Yet he held up his hands and
protested, "But 1 am too young." God said sternly, "Thou
to all that
sha11 send thee." Jeremiah went!
The apostle Paul, origina11y named Saul, burned up energy
and zeal persecuting the Church of God. But God struck him
down, brought him to his senses, and he then became one of the
greatest of the men of God since Adam.
1, myself, certainly did not choose God.
chose the profession of
advertising and journalism. At age 25, an angel, in an intensive
dream to my wife of a few days, revealed that God was calling me to
His service. 1 was merely embarrassed. Becoming a minister of Jesus
Christ was the
should have wanted todo.
don't know whether that dream had any meaning,"
"Why not te11 it to the minister of the church on the corner -
maybe he can te11 you whether it means anything." As Jonah,
Paul and others had been a11owed to go their own way for a while,
this unusual dream was soon forgotten - for the time. One decade
went by. Then God stirred me to the most intensive, almost day–
and-night, study and research of my life, resulting from dual chal–
lenges that struck at my vanity.
This intensive Bible study resulted in sweeping my mind
clean of a11 previous religious assumptions, then opening my mind
to the
of God's Word- bringing meto a
pentance - being
by God and His Word in uncon–
ditional surrender - and, in living
turning over to HIM a
life 1 felt was worthless.
humbly gave it to Him, if He could use
it. And, like others He has conquered before me, He has used it
these fifty-one years!
Back, now, to the thread of our story. In His due time, God
sent forth His only begotten Son - the former "Word" who had
been eterna11y with God.