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He was the "Second Adam."
Like the first Adam, He had not only to RELIEVE and OBEY
God - but also to reject and overcome Satan and his way!
Oh yes! He was TEMPTED in all points like the rest of us sin–
ning mortais - only HE NEVER SINNED!
Satan was still around. He was vehemently
at the ap–
pearing of this Second Adam. Jesus was the Messenger of the
NEw Covenant, bearing the Message of that Covenant from God.
That Message was H1s GOSPEL! Satan was determined to prevent
that Message from being proclaimed! For it included the aboli–
tion ofSatan from earth!
He tried to have the Christ-child killed asan infant. But God
saved His Son Jesus! For sorne thirty years, Jesus had faced temp–
tations from Satan, but had safely overcome!
Then carne the most severe temptation ever thrown at any
man. Jesus had fasted forty days and forty nights without a morsel
of food or a drop of water. But this fasting brought Him even
closer to God His Father. Though physically weak, He was spiri–
tually STRONG. The story of that temptation is revealed in the first
eleven verses of Matthew 4.
was the most titanic contest ever fought. Jesus was tempted
as no man had ever been.
et He resisted and overcame Satan,
and remained faithful to Goo's way!
Satan's very effort to overthrow Jesus resulted in Jesus' quali–
fication to replace him and restore the GOVERNMENT OF Goo.
More, to establish the KINGDOM OF Goo, which is the FAMILY OF
GOD, ruiing with the GOVERNMENT OF Goo!
Jesus had been required to OVERCOME SATAN - to resist and
defeat him, in order to QUALIFY to sit on the THRONE OF THE
But what about those God
has called,
from Abel until now?
Notice something that seems to have escaped all churches,
theological seminaries, and students of the Bible.
Notice what Christ Himselfsaid, in Revelation 3:21: "To him
that overcometh will
grant to sit with me in my throne, even as
also overcame, and am set down with my Father in his throne."
To him that
overcomes WHAT? Notice, over–
"even as
also overcame." What was Jesus required