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Christ's Gospel Was
the First Century Until
Repare yourself for lhe mosl shocking revelalion of your life!
Does il come asan aslonishing shock lo learn lhallhe mosl impor–
lanl dimension in all knowledge was senl from God lo lhis earlh
by Jesus Chrisl- bullhal message was suppressed in lhe very firsl
cenlury? Thal Jesus Himself was pul lo dealh for revealing il?
Thal His aposlles, wilh one possible exceplion, were also mar–
lyred for proclaiming il?
Yel lhis message from lhe living God, if humanily had re–
ceived and heeded il, would have saved lhis world from nearly all
of ils lroubles, sufferings and evils.
The very word "gospel" means "good news." Thal message,
underslood, reveals a human polenlial so slupendous
-so awesome - it appears at firsl to be totally beyond belief, yel il
has been suppressed from the world unlil now.
Thal message reveals the mosl necessary facts about human–
ily: whal man
lhe purpose for which mankind was put on
earth, where we are going, whal is the way lo world peace, happi–
ness and universal prosperily, what are lhe true values, what is