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They were intended to picture to the people of God, repeat–
edly every year, His Master Plan of redemption - leading to the
These Festivals were ordained to be kept FOREVER! Jesus, the
apostles, and the early Church of God, ALL OBSERVED THEM! 8ut,
so far as the author knows, only one Church continues to observe
them today- the Worldwide Church ofGod!
They reveal a startling TRUTH, otherwise obscured from
human knowledge!
The human race began with Adam. But spiritual salvation
and qualification for the transcendent HUMAN POTENTIAL begins
with CHRIST. The physical human creation began with Adam -
but the SPIRITUAL CREATION begins with the Second Adam!
BEGINS with the forgiveness of sin - following
tance - being
by God - and the living FAITH that
what Christ says!
Therefore the
of these Festivals was the PASSOVER.
tures to God's people annually the shed blood of Christ - the
"Lamb of God" sacrificed to pay the PENALTY of sin we humans
have brought on ourselves, in our stead.
Then followed the Festival of UNLEAVENED BREAD- seven
days in which no leaven may be eaten, or found in the houses of
God's people. Leaven puffs up- as does VANITY, the epitome of
sin. This Festival lasts seven days, immediately following the
Passover - with the first and last of the seven being annual Holy
Days (holy convocations).
These first Festivals come in the spring - the fourteenth
through the twenty-first days of the first month of God's SACRED
year. They, with the Feast of FIRSTFRUITS (PENTECOST in the New
Testament), fall in the spring- representing, as at Jerusalem, the
FIRST, or early, GRAIN HARVEST. The Feast of Firstfruits (Pente–
cost) reminds God's people every year that they, prior to Christ's
Second Coming, are merely the comparatively very small FIRST
spiritual harvest - while all but the few God has called are CUT
OFF from God and His spiritual salvation.
The remaining four Festivals come during the autumnal har–
vest time - picturing the MAIN spiritual harvest. These occur at
the time of the main harvest of foodstuffs, in the fall of the year.