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The fourth Festival. a single Holy Day, is the Feast ofTRUM–
PETS. It pictures the coming of Christ in supreme POWER and
GLORY to rule al! nations - and to open spiritual salvation to ALL
The fifth annual Festival is another single Holy Day- a FAST
day. It is called,
the Bible, the DAY OF ATONEMENT.
is observed
by Judaism as "Yom Kippur." This most solemn day pictures
Christ's banishment of Satan, that humanity at last may be made
"AT ONE" with God. Therefore it is called the day of AT-ONE–
MENT, or "Atonement." A humanity CUT OFF from God cannot be
AT ONE with Him - until Satan is removed, and ALL shall be
called and drawn by God - IF they will - to spiritual salvation
through Christ.
Five days later follows the Festival of TABERNACLES for seven
days. This festival pictures the PRINCIPAL spiritual harvest- during
the thousand years that Christ and those who have qualified, shall
rule al! nations. Satan will be banished -into the biblically symbolic
"bottomless pit." Overcoming Satan naturally will no longer be a
requirement. The first of these seven days is an annual Sabbath.
Then, the next day following the Feast of Tabernacles is a
one-day Festival- also the seventh annual Sabbath.
pictures a resurrection to judgment of al! previously un–
called by God - al! who ever lived - billions who lived under
Satan's way and died uncalled - neither then "lost" or "saved"
spiritually. These billions will be resurrected MORTAL - as they
were- ftesh-and-blood humans.
they shalllook back on the
6,000 years of Satan's sway - of human wrong-doing, sin, and
consequent suffering, anguish and death. Then, for their first time,
God shall cal! them. Satan will be banished forever! But they still
shall have to make their own DECISIONS!
With the 6,000-year record of world evils swayed by Satan,
and the 1,000-year record of humanity taught by Christ and im–
mortal saints, they may look at the record -and compare.
We may HOPE that virtually al!, if not al!, will yield them–
selves to God's cal!, and receive spiritual salvation and ETERNAL
But that is not yet al!!
There then (Revelation 20: 13) shall follow a final resurrec-