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Why the Church?
Üne cannot comprehend the real purpose and function of the
Church without an understanding of Old Testament ISRAEL.
Ancient Israel was both Church and State.
was one of the
world's nations, called the kingdom of Israel. But it also was a
Church, called the Congregation of Israel. Or, as in Acts 7:38, the
"church in the wilderness."
One cannot understand either Old Testament Israel, or the
New Testament Church of God, unless he bears in mind God's
PURPOSE in placing mankind on the earth.
God is reproducing Himself! His cardinal objective forMAN is
the creation of holy, righteous, spiritual CHARACTER. Bear that
constantly in mind as we compare, or contrast, the Old Testament
"church in the wilderness," and the New Testament Church of
God. Creation of this righteous character prepares for the
We have explained the natural mind of man - and how it
differs from animal brain. There is, in man, a spirit. This spirit is
in the form of essence - not a soul or person. It imparts to the