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human brain the power ofintellect
of thinking,
reasoning, deci–
sion making. This is explained in detail in chapter 7.
This mind, then, with which each human is boro is the natu–
ral, carnal human mind. And "the carnal mind is enmity [hostile}
against God, for it is not subject to the law of God, neither indeed
can be" (Rom. 8:7). This mind is
to the acquisition of
physical knowledge.
To comprehend the things of God - spiritual knowledge - is
impossible without receiving as God's gift His Holy Spirit- a sec–
ond spirit added to the "human" spirit with which each person is
God's creation of MAN was perfect
as a physical creation,
incomplete! This physical creation began with Adam, but the spir–
itual creation must begin with the second Adam- Jesus Christ.
When God sentenced Adam's human race to 6,000 years of
being CUT OFF from contact with God, He made an exception. He
reserved to Himself the prerogative of calling into His service
such as He required to fulfill His PURPOSE!
God had called Abraham. And 430 years after, God called
Abraham's descendants through Isaac and Israel, then called "the
Children of Israel." At that time they were in Egyptian slavery.
nder leadership of Moses, God led them out of Egypt, to inherit
the Promised Land.
At Mount Sinai, God otfered them a covenant agreement,
later called "the Old Covenant."
pon obedience to Goo's GOV–
ERNMENT over them, God promised to make them the most pros–
perous, most powerful nation on earth. But God promised them
temporal, material and national rewards - NOT His Holy
Spirit of eternallife.
This hostile mind, unsubmissive to God, we shall see in
chapter 10, had been subtilely and invisibly injected into human
minds through the human spirit, by Satan. A baby is not boro
with it. The "prince ofthe power ofthe air" (Eph. 2:2) begins im–
planting it as early in life as the human mind begins to absorb
knowledge and to function.
Modero intellectuals have said, "given sufficient KNOWL–
EDGE, the human mind can solve all problems."
One of God's purposes in Old Covenant Israel was to PROVE,