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by mu!tiple generations of Israelites, that, even given KNOWLEDGE
of God's government and way of life, the carnal mind will not -
and therefore cannot - solve its problems, live in peace, happi–
ness, joy, and eterna! salvation.
However, humans
will not
obey God's
AYto peace, happi–
ness, and eterna! joy without the addition of
a second
Spirit to the
"human" spirit.
The experience of multiple generations of Israelites, PROVEO
that the natural mind of man
hostile to God - not subject to the
law of God, which is THE
AY to peace, happiness, and abun–
Adam and Eve had been instructed by God in Hrs WAY. They
rejected it, and turned to the WAYof SELF-centeredness - of van–
ity, lust and greed - of jealousy and envy - of competition, strife,
violence and destruction.
But in Old Covenant Israel, God REVEALED to them, through
Moses and the prophets, the KNOWLEDGE ofGod's WAY.
WHY, then, Old Covenant Israel?
They were left without excuse. They were, in Adam, a physi–
cal creation - but without the SPIRITUAL creation, which can
come only through Christ the "Second Adam," they simply
live the way of life that produces peace and universal well–
I repeat, they were without excuse!
was MAN - the first
Adam - who thought he could live a more happy life, without
God's Spirit, which he spurned.
God sent to Old Covenant Israelites His prophets, bearing
His admonitions, PLEADING with them. They stoned many of their
prophets to death!
Through the prophet Jeremiah, God pleaded: "Return, thou
backsliding Israel, saith the [Eterna!], and I will not cause mine
anger to fall upon you: for I am merciful, saith the [Eterna!] .
. . . .Only acknowledge thine iniquity, that thou hast trans–
gressed against the [Eterna!] thy God, and hast scattered thy ways
to the strangers [Gentile nations] under every green tree, and ye
have not obeyed my voice, saith the [Eterna!]."
"Turn," God continued, "O backsliding children, saith the
[Eterna!], for I am married to you ..." (Jer. 3:12-14).