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But Satan does not give up easily! How well I know that, by expe–
rience! He struck again.
"/fthou be the Son ofGod,"- Satan repeated his stab at hu–
manity's weakest point - vanity - but now under dilferent cir–
cumstances. He had taken Jesus up to a pinnacle of the temple.
"Cast thy self down: for it is written" - now Satan could quote
Scripture, too, only He misapplied its intended meaning - "It is
written, He shall give his angels charge conceming thee, and in
their hands they shall bear thee up, lest thou dash thy foot against
a stone," - or lest inertia wallop you as gravity pulls you speedily
to earth. He was testing Jesus' FAITH in God, as well as a repeated
challenge against human vanity. Satan's ministers can quote
Scripture - but they twist and distort it out of its intended con–
textual meaning.
Jesus carne right back at Satan.
is written again," He saith, "Thou shalt not tempt the
[Eterna!) thy God."
The scripture about angels bearing one up IF he falls applies
only to an accidental fall. To jump off deliberately would be
"tempting God." In other words, doubting the Word of God in its
intended meaning, and TESTING God - putting God to the test,
implying doubt that He would do it!
Satan had one more "ace-in-the-hole." He now tempted
Jesus on lust and greed- on GETTING- on seizure of POWER!
Satan now took Jesus to the top of a high mountain, and
showed Jesus all the kingdoms of this world. Then he said, "All
these things will I give thee, if thou wilt fall down and worship
In other words, both Satan and Jesus knew that if Jesus
QUALIFIED, He would be given RULE over the governments of all
nations on earth. But they both knew of God's 6,000 year sentence
on humanity - and Jesus would have to wait almost 2,000 more
years for the POWER and GLORY ofworld rule.
Jesus did not deny this power of rule, by Satan's subtile DE–
CEPTIONS, was in Satan's hands. But He also knew Satan was a liar
- would not keep bis word - and if he did, Jesus still would have
world rule only UNDER SATAN. He knew it was Goo's to give, and
He was definitely prepared to wait until Goo's TIME - after the