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6,000 year sentence on man, when Gon would crown Him and
send Him again to earth in supreme splendor, power and glory!
This time, Jesus decided to put an end to this colossal
struggle for world power. "Get thee hence, Satan!" Jesus snapped
out the command with AUTHORITY! And Satan, defeated in his bid
to retain world sway, slunk away (Matt. 4: 10-11 ).
But don't think Satan gave up! Not yet! He tried to over–
throw God's apostles, and His Church. He schemed to manipulate
human powers to persecute God's Church, and to SUPPRESS Christ's
Gospel Message of WORLD HOPE! He is still warring savagely
against God's Church and apostle, even in this final generation of
his evii worid!
there at His right hand. And Satan can do only what God allows!
Back, now, to Mark 1:14: "Now after that John was put in
prison, Jesus carne into Galilee preaching THE GosPEL oF THE
KINGDOM OF Gon, and saying, The time is fulfilled, and the
KINGDOM OF Gon is at hand: repent ye, and believe the gospel."
That is, believe the MESSAGE Jesus proclaimed announcing the
coming world-ruling KINGDOM OF Gon!
The time was fulfilled. Jesus had QUALIFIED, where the first
Adam failed, to wrest world rule from Satan - to RESTORE
government to the earth - to establish the Spirit-born Family of
God, ruling in THE KINGDOM OF Gon!
Leaving Nazareth, Jesus took up residence in Capernaum, on
the north shore of the Sea of Galilee. Jesus was no vagabond. He
occupied an established home, contrary to much false supposition
And immediately Jesus called His disciples to Him - to
teach and train them to become His apostles to go forth with His
Message of THE KINGDOM OF Gon, after Jesus' personal mission
on earth had ended.
Jesus was walking along the shore of the Sea of Galilee. He
called to follow Him two brothers, Peter and Andrew. These
brothers had not sought out Jesus. They had not aspired to be–
come His apostles - they had chosen to be fishermen. But they
now, at Jesus' word, FORSOOK ALL, and followed Him!
Next Jesus called to His discipleship two other brothers -