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James and John. They too, had elected to be fishermen - not
apostles. (Matt. 4: 18-22.)
Matthew had chosen to be a tax collector. But to His twelve,
Jesus later said,
e have not chosen me, but
have chosen you."
And, as in Mark 1:14-15, so in Matthew's account, "Jesus
went about all Ga1i1ee teaching in their synagogues, and preach–
ing the GOSPEL OF THE KINGDOM" (verse 23).
Until Jesus had QUALIFIED to restore God's government by
overcoming Satan, there cou1d be no assurance, save in the mind
and purpose of God, of the restoration of the government Satan
had rejected.
For sorne three and a ha1f years Jesus went about the 1and of
Israel, preaching in their synagogues the GOOD NEWS of the
world's future HOPE, teaching and training His discip1es to be–
come apostles.
Finally, after being beaten with stripes, that His Church
might have physical hea1ing, Jesus was crucified - that by His
shed blood our sins might be forgiven- because He had paid
penalty, death, in our stead.
The Church is Bom
After being three days and three nights dead in the tomb, Jesus was
resurrected. By this resurrection, He became
thejirst BORN Son of
(Rom. 1:4). He was now VERY Goo Himself- the first so BORN
of many brethren to follow by a later resurrection.
After His resurrection, Jesus was forty days with His apostles,
"speaking of the things pertaining to THE KINGDOM OF Goo"
(Acts 1:3).
Then He ascended to heaven, to the right hand of God on the
heaven1y throne (Heb. 12:2; Rev. 3:21).
Ten days later (the year was A.D. 31), carne the annual Holy
Day called "the Feast of the First Fruits," and, in the New Testa–
ment, "the day of Pentecost."
Of the many thousands who had heard Jesus' proclaiming
the KINGDOM OF Goo, there were, after the
only 120
(Acts 1: 15.)
On that festive Holy Day, beside the 120 disciples, there were
gathered devout Jews from many parts of the world.