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Many students of the Bible have wondered - speculated.
Will the lsraelis, after all, destroy the "Dome of the Rock" - the
Moslem temple standing today on the site of both Solomon's
temple, and the temple to which Jesus carne at His first appear–
Malachi's prophecy says: "Behold 1will send my messenger,
and he shall prepare the way before me: and the Lord, whom ye
seek [Christ), shall suddenly cometo his temple, even the messen–
ger of the covenant ... " (Mal. 3: l ).
was John the Baptist who prepared the way - but that was
before Jesus'
coming. When we read on through verses 2-6 it
becomes altogether evident that this prophecy in Malachi is talk–
ing about Christ's
coming, in power and glory, to
WHo, then, as a human messenger (one bearing a message)
was to prepare the way before His
coming? And
what of
the temple
to which He is to come?
Look briefly at the prophecy of Haggai.
concerns the con–
tingent of Jews who returned to Jerusalem seventy years after the
destruction of Solomon's temple to build the second temple on
the same site.
The prophecy concerns Zerubbabel, governor of the contin–
gent, and builder ofthis second temple. This was the same temple
to which Jesus did come - except that the Roman King Herod
had somewhat enlarged, restored, and embellished it.
But Zerubbabel was merely a
The prophecy, as we see
plainly beginning verse 6, chapter 2, is millennial.
"For thus saith the [Etemal) of hosts: Yet once, it
a little while,
and 1 will shake the heavens, and the earth, and the sea, and the
dry land; and 1will shake all nations, and the desire [RSV has, 'so
that the treasures of all nations shall come'] of all nations shall
come: and 1 will fill this house with glory, saith the [Eternal] of
of hosts.... The glory of this latter house shall be greater than of
the former ..." (verses 6-7, 9).
is speaking of the end-time - at the second coming of
Now what does it mean, the glory of this latter house (or
house) shall be greater than that of the former?" - that is,
greater than Solomon's temple, which had the most glorious