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"But," verse 5, "prayer was made without ceasing of the
church unto God for him."
The result? God sent an angel to loose the chains that bound
Peter, and to lead him secretly out of the prison. Peter fled on to
The Prevailing Error
At this point it is well to clarify further a most common and uni–
versal erroneous belief. 1t is the assumption that God is desper–
ately waging a contest against Satan, attempting to get every living
human "saved" Now! This assumption must concede that Satan is
winning that contest overwhelmingly! But there is NO sucH coN–
TEST. Satan has power to do ONL
what God ALLOws!
The corollary to this assumption is an even more tragic be–
lief that has acquired universal acceptance. And that is the fallacy
that everyone
now "saved" is "lost" - condemned to an eter–
na! hell tire - which, incidentally, is also a myth. The vast major–
ity are neither "saved" nor "lost." Just not yet JUDGED!
was our first human progenitor that made the CHOICE. God
accepted his decision, and pronounced sentence on Adam's world
for 6,000 years - except for those God called for sorne special per–
formance. The 6,000 year sentence is about to expire - and a
happy, joyful world of PEACE, with eterna! life available to all, is
now just around the comer!
Jesus Christ emphatically verified this sentence God,.pro!
nounced on the world. He said plainly,
unto me, except the Father which hath sent me draw him" (John
6:44). And none can cometo God, except through Him!
So let us clarify once for all time that the purpose of
the Church is definitely NOT to preach or persuade the whole
world into a spiritual salvation, NOW - before Christ's second
Sorne have construed the GREAT COMMISSION as being to the
Church to fulfill as a whole - to evangelize and "save" the world
- Now! A large system ofmissionaries from traditional Christian–
ity has resulted.
Examine, now, the three places where THE GREAT COMMIS–
SION is explained.