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the whole world. But
did he manage to deceive the human
In the third chapter of Genesis he is shown as the deceiver of
mother Eve. Through her, he caused the first man, Adam, to com–
mit the first sin by a human.
When Jesus was born in Bethlehem, Satan was still here on
earth as the god of this world (11 Cor. 4:4). He is also the "prince
of the power of the air" today (Eph. 2:2), holding sway over the
whole of mankind.
Christ's message revealed the advance news of the total aboli–
tion of Satan's power over the world and his banishment from the
revealed that Christ was coming as his successor to take
over the
of all nations. In Satan's mind, it was necessary for
him to go all out to prevent that message from going to the world.
could he do it?
First, he moved to destroy the Christ child and thus prevent
His growing up to proclaim that message. He inftuenced King
Herod, the Roman provincial ruler over the land of Israel, and
Herod caused all infants in Bethlehem and surrounding areas two
years old or under to be put to death. But God warned Joseph and
Mary about this, moving them to ftee to Egypt with the infant
Jesus until Herod was dead.
Again, when Jesus was about thirty years old, Satan sought to
destroy Him spiritually before He qualified to preach a word of
His message. But the supreme temptation with which Satan
planned to ensnare Jesus became the very
which qualified
Christ to depose Satan and to become ruler over all nations. Jesus
thus qualified to restore the government of God on the earth and
to set up the Kingdom of God. However it was not in God's mas–
ter plan for Christ to be inducted into that office until the end of
mankind's first 6,000 years on earth.
Nevertheless, Jesus proceeded with the mission for which He
had come to earth at that time. He proclaimed His message and
taught it to his disciples.
Satan, however, still was the invisible power that swayed the
world. Even though many of the Jews to whom Jesus preached
lieved on
Him as the promised Messiah, they were swayed against
believing His message - His gospel.