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knowledge. As he does, by GIVING in the Church, he receives an
increasing amount ofGod's Spirit. The isolated, separated member
will probably LOSE OUT (see Luke 19:20-24).
Finally. WHY the Church? WHY did not Christ just "save" sepa–
rated individuals? What is the REAL PURPOSE OF THE CHURCH?
Like most everything in the Bible, the purpose and function
of the Church has been grossly misunderstood. The entire world
has been deceived by Satan (Rev. 12:9).
Jesus had not come on a "soul-saving crusade." The most
widespread false assumption of all is that Christ is contesting
against Satan to "get everybody saved Now!" And with it, the
supposition that all not saved are "LOST"- condemned! They are
neither. They are not yet JUDGED!
But in Adam, by his decision, all humanity has been
to 6,000 years of being completely cut off from God! That
is, all except the comparative very few specifically called for a spe–
cial mission.
Jesus Christ,
repeat, emphatically verified this 6,000-year
sentence. (John 6:44.) No scripture can or does contradict that
plain statement of Jesus.
Jesus called, chose, and for 3
years trained His apostles to
become, with Him and the prophets, the FOUNDATION on which
the Church was built. Also He set the example, those
years, for
His apostles, in proclaiming (announcing) the coming KINGDOM
OF Goo. Then Christ died for the sins ofhumanity, and was resur–
rected, and ascended to God's throne in heaven.
On the day of Pentecost, A.D. 31, He sent the Holy Spirit in a
great manifestation both visible and audible, to found His
On that day of Pentecost, it was Peter, chief apostle, who pro–
claimed the Gospel Message - and that day God ADDED three
thousand baptized that same day.
A day or so later - very possibly the very next day Peter and
John healed the cripple and Peter preached the gospel. God
ADDED another two thousand to the Church.
is significant, and generally unrealized, that neither Jesus