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received no conversion - no "pounds." (They shall yet find con–
version, as many, many passages of Scripture affirm.)
Now the reason for His going to heaven was to "receive for
himself a KINGDOM, and to return." That is, He was going to the
throne of the government of the entire universe where God Al–
mighty, the Father, sits, to have conferred on Him the RULERSHIP
OF THE WORLD. The coronation ceremony will take place in
heaven, at the throne of UNIVERSE RULE. When He returns He will
be crowned with MANY CROWNS (Rev. 19: 12). He is coming to
RULE ALL NATIONS with almighty divine POWER (verse 15).
Back to Luke 19. On his return. his servants, to whom he had
given the money - that is, the beginning unit of GoD's SPIRIT at
conversion - are to be called to an accounting, "that he might
know how much each man had GAINED" while he was gone. This
means each Christian is expected to GROW spiritually - in spiri–
tual KNOWLEDGE and grace (see 11 Peter 3: 18). The Christian life
is a life of spiritual GOING TO SCHOOL - of training for a POSITION
IN GoD's KINGDOM, when and after we shall be changed from
mortal to immortal - when we shall be no longer flesh-and-blood
humans, but composed of SPIRIT, with eternallife inherent.
In the parable, the first carne to report he had multiplied
what he had been given TEN TIMES. You see, the receiving of
God's Spirit is GoD's GIFT- that is what God does - it comes by
GRACE, as a gift. WE CAN'T EARN IT. But al! through the New Tes–
tament it is made plain we shall be REWARDED according to OUR
WORKS. Not SAVED by works we have done. This man had, by his
own application, multiplied his spiritual gift ten times - his one
pound was now ten pounds. He received a greater REWARD than
the one who gained five pounds.
The nobleman (Christ) said to him, "Well, thou good ser–
vant: because thou hast been faithful in very little, have thou AU–
He had qualified to RULE. He had been obedient to God's
commands- God's government. We have to BE RULED before we
can learn to RULE.
The second servant had increased his spiritual stock of goods
five times. He had qualified, in this life, for HALF as much as the
first servant. He was given HALF the REWARD.