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Human Nature- and How a
Whole World Is Deceived
About its Origin
once overheard someone say: "Just look at that beautiful,
sweet little baby - and to think it's filled with all that evil, despi–
cable human nature!"
Think of this paradox! How can it be explained? The human
mind can produce wonders. We have sent successive teams of
men to walk on the moon. We have returned them safely through
the earth's atmosphere. Yet these marvelous human minds cannot
solve our problems here on earth - cannot bring the world PEACE!
All the violence, war, crime, corruption, dishonesty, and
immorality is blamed on HUMAN NATURE.
But where did HUMAN NATURE come from? Did the Creator
instill it within us from creation? Were we born with it? And
please understand that 1 am speaking of human nature in its evil
spiritual phase - of vanity, lust, greed, envy, jealousy, com–
petition, strife, rebellion against authority, resentment, and hate.
The answer requires a knowledge of the composition and na–
ture of the human mind - accessible only by revelation. The com-