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unaware of this phenomenon, with this self-centered attitude
being broadcast and injected into their unsuspecting minds from
earliest childhood, do, to a greater or lesser degree, absorb it until
it becomes their normal attitude.
becomes habitual. It does not,
of course, exhibit the
sal'l}e degree
of effect in all minds - one per–
son will become more evil than another. But the natural tendency
is there. They cometo have it
becomes their very NA–
TURE. And we call it "human nature."
All this is an outstanding example of just
how subti/e
Satan is!
The finest and most brilliant human minds have been deceived by
it. Thus the WHOLE WORLD has been swayed by Satan into what 1
often term, simply, the "GET" way of life - the way that has be–
come HABITUAL and NATURAL which we term "HUMAN NATURE."
Few realize how many passages in the Bible, especially in the
New Testament, warn us about Satan and his subtileness. But
first, befare
take you to more of these, let us follow on through
this second chapter of Ephesians.
In chapter 1 of this letter to the Church at Ephesus, the
apostle Paul gives thanks and praise to God who has blessed "us"
(the converts at Ephesus
Paul- also all Christians) with every
spiritual blessing within the heavenly sphere. God had chosen us
befare we were born - befare the foundation of the world - being
predestined to be called to spiritual salvation. God has richly
on us His grace. He shows that we being called in this
time - this New Testament "church age" - are the
to be
called to this glorious grace (emphasizing that this is NOT the time
God is trying to save all the world, but only those predestined to
be called NOW). Paul had heard of their faith and prayed for their
eyes to be opened fully to the awesome human potential - the su–
preme greatness of their divine heritage.
urgently suggest the reader carefully read this first chapter
in the Moffatt translation. As translated by Moffatt
think it is
one of the most beautiful, uplifting, and inspiring pieces of litera–
have ever read.
Now the highlights of chapter 2: You Christians at Ephesus
were spiritually dead, but Christ has given you the impregnation
of eternallife. You are now spiritually alive. In the past you lived
according to the way of this world (the SELF-centered way), ac-