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Now Jesus had made clear that the Kingdom of God is some–
thing that can be seen - but not until or UNLESS one is "born
again." Not during his physical
Also. verse 5, the King–
dom of God is something a man may
enter into
but not until af–
ter he is born AGAIN- another and entirely different birth.
Here is the crux point that explains it all: Jesus said, "That
which is born of the ftesh IS ftesh: and that which is born of the
Spirit IS
Man is now ftesh - human. He is MATERIAL SUBSTANCE.
"Dust thou art," said God to Adam, "and unto dust shalt thou re–
turn." Again, "And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the
ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man
became a living soul" (Gen. 3: 19; 2:7).
Those Boro Again to BE Spirit
But, said Jesus plainly, when one is born of the Spirit HE WILL
SPIRIT! Look at it! Read it in your own Bible.
The Kingdom of God will be composed of SPIRIT BEINGS -
not of humans!
At birth of human ftesh, one is delivered from his mother's
womb into
world. When born of the Spirit, one will be deliv–
ered from the CHURCH of God (physical) - the mother of begol–
ten Christians - into the KINGDOM of God (a Kingdom of SPIRIT
Manis now COMPOSED offtesh- material substance -matter.
When BORN AGAIN he will
Spirit - a SPIRIT BEING, no longer
human. He will be COMPOSED of Spirit- of Spirit composition -
with life inherent - with self-containing life - not then existing
by the breath of air and the circulation of blood.
Of the next age when the Kingdom of God will rule the
world - the life after death - the next LIFE - Jesus said, "They
neither marry, nor are given in marriage, but are
the angels of
God ..." (Matt. 22:30). Marriage is a physical, fteshly union. In
the age of God's Kingdom, when "born again" we shall BE Spirit,
not ftesh. Born ofGod as SPIRIT BEINGS, no longer human. Angels
are spirits - composed of Spirit (Heb. 1:7). Jesus did not say we
shall then
angels- but AS the angels - sexless and composed
of SPIRIT. Angels are Spirit beings - created as such - but not be-