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Jesus became the born Son of God, now no longer human, but
composed of SPIRIT- a Spirit Being. He thus became the FIRST so
BORN of many brethren who
sha/1 be
BORN AGAIN at the time of
the resurrection of those who are Christ's.
Of course we understand, and so did Paul in writing the
above, that Jesus was also the Son of God while in the human
flesh. Though
born ofa human
woman, He was sired by God. But
this is comparing the two births: the one from the human Mary, as
descended from the human David, and the other, by His resurrec–
tion to glory, as Son ofGod.
Emphatically this does NOT imply that Jesus was a sinner
needing salvation. He was the pioneer, setting us the example,
that we, too, may be BORN of God.
When Bom Again What Shall We Be Like?
When we are born again, what shall we be like? The Bible gives
us the answer: "For our conversation [citizenship] is in heaven;
from whence
also we look for the saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ:
who shall
our vile body [FLESH], that it may be fashioned
like unto his glorious body ..." (Phil. 3:20-21).
Now notice a scripture in the third chapter of 1 John. Here it
plainly says that "wE" - meaning begotten, converted Christians
- are now, already, the SONS of God, as was explained earlier.
Next, this scripture reveals that "it doth not yet appear WHAT WE
SHALL BE." We are, later, to be something different. As Jesus ex–
plained to Nicodemus, we SHALL BE immortal Spirit. That is what
we shalllater be.
"But," this scripture continues - read it - understand this
WONDERFUL TRUTH - "we know that, when he [Christ] shall ap–
pear [at His second coming to earth] WE SHALL BE LIKE HIM...."
We shalllook like Christ!
What does the GLORIFIED Christ look like? His eyes blaze
forth like flames of tire! His feet glow like finely burnished brass.
His face shines like the SUN, in FULL STRENGTH - SO
bright it
would blind your eyes if He were visible to you now! (Rev. 1: 14-
16; 19:12-13; Matt. 17:2.)
And THAT is the way YOU and 1 shalllook ifand when we are
finally BORN of Goo!