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The Incredible Human Potential
is "the
most important book since the Bible!"
So writes Herbert W. Armstrong. Strong
words. But not since the days of the
early apostles has such a startling mes–
sage of hope, vitality, and unparalleled
vision been preached!
"Jesus Christ
spired it ... 1 was merely like a stenog–
rapher, typing it so it could be printed."
The Incredible Human Potential
is the
ultimate book-the story of God's awe–
some purpose for human beings.
is a
dynamic, compelling account of Jesus'
gospel-His message to mankind-which
has not been preached since the first
They say that truth is more amazing
than fiction. This truth will amaze, as–
tound, fascinate and move you more ir–
resistibly than the most gripping
thriller-and make you praise the great
(continued on back flap)