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rules this world.
explains why Satan moved with all his wiles
and subtileness to suppress, through humans he could sway, this
vital gospel message which God sent by Jesus Christ to mankind.
Remember this: The true gospel message, had humanity
it, would have saved this world nearly all its anguish, trou–
bles, suffering, and evils.
is impossible for me, in a few words, to make it clear
enough with sufficient emphasis to cause the reader
to comprehend
the supreme, tremendous meaning and importance of that
gospel message.
And even today,
heard, it is seldom
understood in
all its colossal significance because Satan has thrown up such a
smokescreen of false and counterfeit religions, "gospels," and
teachings that the hearer or reader is left confused in doubt and
unbelief - or in a state of indifference to the most important
things in life.
Nevertheless, now just before the
of this age, Almighty
God has decreed that
gospel of the kingdom shall be
preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations, and then
shall the end come" (Matt. 24: 14). This is the message the eternal
God is delivering now, by His end-time apostle, to the heads of
governments in world capitals all over the world.
The true gospel, when viewed
all that it embodies- the
reason for it, the prehistoric truth of earth's first inhabitants, the
reason humans were created and put on earth, the
of all the
earth's evils and sufferings, the nature of the human mind, the
need for spiritual salvation and what it is, the coming world to–
morrow of peace, what lies on beyond, and man's ultimate incred–
ible potential - becomes the
most a/1-encompassing
subject that
can enter the mind of man. Beside it,
everything else
shrinks to to–
tal unimportance.
is greater than any story of man ever written
What Was Christ's Gospel?
God the Father had promised to send a messenger into the world
from heaven, bearing a message from Him for all mankind. This
promise is recorded in Malachi 3: l: "Behold, 1will send my mes–
senger, and he shall prepare the way before me [and