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The lncredible Human
Potential at Last Revealed!
Does it make sense to you-when humanity has been endowed
with such tremendous mental power - that more than
of all
people on earth should be illiterate, living in abject poverty, near
starvation, in filth and squalor; that in one country of 26 million
people, only 3 percent can read and write and percapita income is
only $69 per year?
Does it make sense to you that human civilization has devel–
oped modern science, higher education, the world's religions and
its great governments, yet all these are in total ignorance of the
to world peace? None of these can tell us
what man is,
whether he was put on earth for a purpose, what that
he is going
how to get there.
Does it make sense to you - with man endowed with such
great powers - that the world should be filled with so much un–
happiness, troubles and evils?
Did God Almighty the Creator purpose and ordain all ofthis?
We may blame it all on human nature, but did God create
man with this evil to harass him?