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lt's time to clear up this mystery. lt's time we understand. lt's
time we come to the answer of these supposedly unanswerable
questions that seem to baffle all human thought.
Man Has Rejected This Knowledge
What is the most necessary of all knowledge to know?
is the knowledge of what man is; the knowledge of why he
is- the
for which humanity was put on earth; the knowl–
edge of the way to achieve that purpose - of the way to world
peace, peace between individuals, groups and nations; the knowl–
edge of the cause of all the world's troubles and evils; the knowl–
edge of the solution to all these problems; the knowledge of the
true values -what is important and what is worthless.
That is the missing dimension in knowledge.
Look at the situation as it is now - our present, pulsating
twentieth century. Supposedly this is the day of enlightenment
and mass production of knowledge. But both modern science and
higher education have rejected the sole source ofthis basic knowl–
edge - revelation - and no religion has given us this most-needed
knowledge, though it is all contained in the book generally sup–
posed to be the source of belief of at least three of the world's
great religions.
Look at the situation as it was more than 1900 years ago.
Jesus Christ carne from heaven with a message from God contain–
ing this knowledge. But even most of those who believed
on Him
disbelieved the message He brought and demanded His crucifix–
ion for declaring it. His apostles went forth proclaiming the mes–
sage; they too, with one possible exception, were martyred. Before
the end of the first century, Christ's gospel
was sup–
pressed and a spurious "gospel" proclaimed.
Go now all the way back to the beginning ofhumanity on the
earth. Our very first parents rejected this same revealed knowl–
edge imparted to them by their Maker in person. They dis–
what He said
Yet they did believe Satan's líes. They
disobeyed by stealing the forbidden fruit. They
took to themse/ves
the knowledge of what is good and what is evil. All humanity has
followed their example ever since.
The Eternal God nevertheless has made this vital revealed