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In this true story of the
incredible human potential,
1 deem it
well to look first to the Creator's overall purpose.
Prepare yourself for exciting new knowledge - the incredible
awesome potential for which humanity was created and put here
on earth.
Winston Churchill said before the United States Congress
that there is a purpose being worked out here below. Few indeed
know what that purpose is; yet it is plainly revealed.
And it's the most exciting, most wonderful, hope-inspiring
truth that could ever be revealed.
God - Creator of the Universe
Did you ever wonder about the countless millions of shining stars
you have seen on an otherwise black, cloudless night? Sometimes
they appear like a stupendous skyrocket which has just burst out
into a glittering cluster.
Many of them are tremendous suns incredibly larger than our
sun. Probably most ofthem are surrounded by planets, like our sun
is surrounded by Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturo, and the other
planets of our solar system.
Haven't you wondered about them? Are any of them in–
habited? Did they evolve, as most scientists - astronomers, biolo–
gists, geologists - theorize? Or were they created by an all–
intelligent, all-powerful Creator Being? Were they created and
set in space FOR A PURPOSE? Do any of the planets contain any
kind of life, or are all like our moon - dead, decayed, lifeless,
wasted, empty, uninhabitable? And ifthey are in a dead state of
decay and lifeless,
would an intelligent Creator have created
them thus?
Ordid He?
These are indeed intriguing questions. Scientists are ex–
tremely interested in knowing more about these uncountable gi–
gantic bodies out there in space. Science does not know much
about the origin of all these mighty bodies. There are many theo–
ries - many guesses - many hypotheses - as to how they were
formed - but not based on actual revealed fact.
Science generally rejects REVELATION as a basic source of
knowledge. Although astronomers for hundreds of years have