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tists had arranged to transmit the very first photographs ever taken
on the surface of Mars to the Ambassador Auditorium so that a
public audience might view the transmission of these pioneer pic–
Naturally this transmission of the first actual photographs
from a planet farther than our moon was of very special interest to
me-not only because of the importance of the first pictures, but
also because the Ambassador Auditorium had been designed and
built under my personal direction.
Several people had been sitting in the Auditorium throughout
the night. 1 personally, in communication with the JPL scientists,
arrived at the Auditorium about 4:50a.m. The first pictures began
coming in on the large motion picture screen at about 5: lO a.m.
The pictures showed clearly to us precisely what is revealed
in the Word of God-Romans 8: 19-23. Revised Standard Version.
All is waste, deterioration, a condition of decay. There appeared
no evidence of any sign of life of any sort, or of conditions that
could sustain life.
All indications are that
our planet Earth is a life-sup–
porting planet. Others appear to be like our moon - dead, de–
cayed, wasted and empty. Our earth is part of the solar system
which is part of a single galaxy called the Milky Way. There are
many other galaxies on beyond ours. They extend in space dis–
tances so vast the human mind cannot conceive of them in terms
of miles, meters, or any measure of distance except light years.
So even though science knows comparatively little about the
limitless universe, revelation tells us something amazing beyond
words about them.
The first verse in the revealed Word ofGod, says: "In the be–
ginning God created the heavens and earth." The word "heaven"
in the King James should be translated "heavens," since the
original Hebrew is in the plural.
The ancient King David of Israel wondered about the stars
and was inspired to tell us God created them.
Created -
David was inspired to write. "Oh Lord our Lord. how excellent is
thy name in all the earth! who hast set thy glory above the heav-