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creation of glorious beauty. Facts regarding that will appear in
chapter 4.
We shall see that angels inhabited the earth prior to the cre–
ation of man. Angels, who were perfect from the creation until in–
iquity or lawlessness was found in them, caused the whole surface
of the earth to turn into a state of decay, confusion and emptiness.
as we shall see.
Could the whole universe have been created capable of sus–
taining life? We are not told specifically by revelation in God's
Word whether it was or not, but what we are told throws additional
light on why God decided to create man!
Continue this passage in Romans l :22: "We know that the
whole creation [universe] has been groaning in travail together
until now." Consider that the creation is compared to a mother
about to be delivered of her child. The creation is pictured as
groaning in travail in hope (verse 20), awaiting the birth by resur–
rection to immortality, of the children of God.
is as if the cre–
ation is the mother and God is the father. Anyway the whole
thrust ofthe passage is that when we (converted humans) are born
of God - then having the power and glory of God - we are going
to do as God did when this earth had been laid "waste and
empty" - Hebrew
(Gen. l :2). Christ, who renewed
"the face of the earth" (Psalm 104:30), was renewing what had
been destroyed by the rebellion of the sinning angels.
What these wonderful passages imply and indicate goes far
beyond the amount specifically revealed.
To grasp the whole ofthe message ofthe Kingdom ofGod re–
quires many chapters like this one.
is an all-encompassing sub–
This passage indicates precisely what all astronomers and sci–
entific evidence indicates - the suns are as balls of fire, giving out
light and heat; but the planets, except for this earth, are in a state
of death, decay and futility - but not forever -
until con–
verted humans are
the children of God; born into the very
Divine Family of God, forming the Kingdom of God.
Jesus' gospel was the Kingdom of God. What 1 am showing
you here is that Christ's gospel of the Kingdom actually includes
all this knowledge here revealed - even the whole universe is to