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be ruled by us, who, with God the Father and Christ, become the
Kingdom of God.
God is first of all Creator, but God is also Ruler. And He is
Educator, who reveals knowledge beyond and outside the scope
ofhuman mind ofitselfto comprehend!
Put together all these scriptures 1 have used in this chapter,
and you begin to grasp the incredible human potential. Our po–
tential is to be born into the God Family, receiving total power!
We are to be given jurisdiction over the entire universe!
What are we going to do then? These scriptures indicate we
shall impart life to billions and billions of dead planets, as life has
been imparted to this earth. We shall create, as God directs and
instructs. We shall rule through all eternity!.Revelation 21 and 22
show there will then be no pain, no suffering, no evil, because we
shall have learned to choose God's way of good.
will be an eter–
nal life of accomplishment, constantly looking forward in super–
joyous anticipation to new creative projects, and stilllooking back
also on accomplishments with happiness and joy over what shall
have been already accomplished.
We shall never grow tired and weary. Always alive -full of
joyous energy, vitality, exuberant life and strength and power!
What a potential!
Why has God purposed all of this?
There is still much to reveal. With this chapter, added to
the previous ones, we have only started explaining the true
Why was it opposed? What is the cause of all human wret–
chedness and suffering?
What is the origin of evil?
What is the origin and source of human nature, and how
shall humans be ridded of it?
Why was man made mortal, of material substance from the
ground? Why does man, who is composed of matter the same as
animals, who dies the same death as animals, have a mind thou–
sands of times greater in mental output than animals whose brains
are virtually equal to human brain, both quantitatively and quali–
tatively? What makes the difference?
is the human mind,
while able to invent the computer, and fty to the moon and back,