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God was supreme in authority, and the Word in perfect harmony
that authority. They were of one mind, in absolute agree–
But ALL THINGS - the universe and everything existing in it -
was made by the Personage called the Word. Yet, as we read in
Ephesians 3:9: "God ... created ALL THINGS by Jesus Christ." And
prior to becoming Jesus Christ, He was "the Word!" Also, in His
human life Jesus said He spoke only as the Father directed.
In the eternity even prior to "prehistory" there were these
two Supreme Beings. Alone! In the emptiness of space! No other
life forros- no other living beings!
Nothing else!
But they possessed MINDS of supreme capacity. And, much,
much later, they created humans after their own likeness and im–
age. They endowed MAN with the power of MIND.
seems obvious
that human minds were made to function in the same manner as
the Creator's, although in an inferior way.
But how do we humans use our minds? We are endowed with
something akin to creative powers. Man produces buildings out of
existing materials. Man has produced intricate machines. But
thinks it out
makes plans - before the actual
As an illustration: After much prayer about it to learn God's
will, I was allowed to build the finest modern auditorium on this
earth- the Ambassador Auditorium in Pasadena, California. But
I did much thinking and planning - I engaged the largest and
best firm of architects and engineers in the world to design my
general idea of such an edifice into finished PLANNING. We were
twelve years thinking out, designing, and putting into actual plans
and blueprints this Auditorium before even breaking ground.
Every cubic inch of the Auditorium was designed on paper before
a single cubic inch went into production.
How much more, then, must the Great God and the Word
have thought out, planned, and designed in their minds, before
the actual Creation?
They did not create matter first. The laws and facts of radio–
activity tell us with certainty that there was a time when such mal–
ter did not exist.