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tems failing. So they designed and installed what is called a "fail–
safe" system. If a certain part goes wrong, another part or system
takes over immediately - and in sorne cases, even a third part or
system. If human designers plan ahead
in case
of a mechanical fail–
ure, how much more would the GREAT CREATOR Goo have planned
ahead in the event Lucifer and the angels sinned! Undoubtedly
planned añead. ffe knew, before the creation ofthe earth, that
angels, with independent powers of thinking, reasoning, choosing,
forming opinions and decisions,
rebel and turn to iniquity.
His great PURPOSE required Him to allow this!
Perhaps that was a reason why He created MATTER - the en–
tire physical universe. Matter, with its many properties - such as
organic and inorganic matter, force, energy, inertia, gravity. etc.,
provided material by which He could form MAN in a mortal state,
as the means by which He might reproduce Himself.
At this point, we need to KNOW STILL MORE about our Creator
Goo! And we need to know WHY almost
no one
today has had
the faintest idea of such a colossal, supremely AWESOME project
going on!
Only ONE God - More Than One Person!
Let me try to make this most wonderful truth of all time PLAIN!
First, go back once again to the very first words in God's rev–
elation of knowledge to us: "In the beginning
created the
heavens and the earth."
God inspired Moses to write those words in Hebrew, not in
the English words above.
repeat, the Hebrew name translated
"God" is
is a uniplural word, like the words
church, group, team. One
family, but composed of more than one
person. ÜNE church, but composed of more than one member.
ÜNE group, but unless composed of more than one person, it
would not be a group.
athletic team, but composed of two,
five, six, nine, eleven or more players - besides a number of sub–
This former Lucifer, who became Satan, has so cleverly
all humanity that almost no one today knows that God
is, actually,
aDivine FAMILY. One
Family. God
a Family.
That Family
ONE Goo.