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here a FAMILY relationship- father, son, husband and wife. And
the "wife" is to be composed of
born chi/dren ofGod.
1 personally have been the father of a FAMILY. My family
name is Armstrong. My first wife and 1 lived together fifty years
until her death. I have a son, Garner Ted. My son is also ARM–
STRONG, just as Jesus, the Word, was God, and yet He was
God. Our family name is ARMSTRONG. All members of the family
also were named Armstrong. When our daughters married, they
started each the forming of another family, and they took the
name of the husband who became the father of
family. But
each family is only ONE family.
Likewise, there is but
God - but Goo is the family
name, and there is
more than one person
in the
CHRIST the Maker of All
Goo is CREATOR. But Goo is the divine FAMILY. How can the
Father of the Family be Creator, and Christ also Creator? In Ephe–
sians 3:9 it is written that God the Father "created all things (the
UNIVERSE] by Jesus Christ." And Christ is "the Word" - the
Spokesman. Speaking of Him, we read in Psalm 33, "By
of the Eternal were the heavens [universe] made; and all the
host of them by the breath of his mouth.... For he spake, and it
was done" (verses 6, 9).
1 will illustrate. In January 1914, I was sent by a national
magazine to interview Henry Ford in Detroit. When I first saw
him, he was just outside the door of the huge Ford factory. He
was wearing a business suit, not workman's overalls. He was the
MAKER or manufacturer of the Ford cars. He made them
thousands of employees, whom I saw in overalls at work inside
the factory. The employees used machinery and the POWER of
electricity. Likewise, God the FATHER is CREATOR. He created
Jesus Christ, the "workman" who SPAKE, and it was done by the
POWER of the Holy Spirit. But Jesus said plainly that He "spake"
only as the Father commanded Him.
Notice Colossians 1: Speaking of the Father (verse 12) and
"his dear Son" (verse 13), "who is the image of the invisible
God ... for by him [Christ] were all things [the universe] created,
that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible,