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whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or pow–
ers: all things were created by him, and for him: and he is befare
all things, and by him all things consist" (verses 15-17).
Jesus Christ, prior to human birth, had existed with the
Just HOW Did God Plan to Reproduce Himself?
From etemity the Father and the WORD who became Jesus Christ
had co-existed. They had created angels - probably many mil–
lions of them. A third of them, under Lucifer, were put on the
earth at its creation. God set His GOVERNMENT over them, with
Lucifer on the throne. Lucifer rejected God's government. He and
the angels became DISQUALIFIED - the GOVERNMENT OF ÜOD was
no longer being administered on earth - and the earth had be–
come waste, empty, in decay, and in darkness.
Were there, prior to this, more thanjust the TWO- God and
the Word- in the Goo FAMILY? God reveals no more. Was the
"Word" the Son of God, and was God His Father
at that time?
They are nowhere referred to as that.
To have been the Son of God at that prehistoric time, God
would of necessity have existed
to the Son's birth. The Son,
had that been the case, would have
come into
existence at the time
ofsuch birth. But the "Logos"- the Word- had, like God, eternally
Consider, now, the truly AWESOME project God set out to ac–
complish -
is probable that, prior to this time, no form of life had ever
been created with the reproductive process. Probably the very first
example of reproductive life was that of plant life - at the time
God was
the face of the earth (Gen. 1: 11-12).
God had created the physical universe befare placing the
angels on the earth. God had created MATTER containing proper–
ties so that marvelous things may be done with it. There is both
organic (living) and inorganic (inert - dead) matter. In matter are
such properties as energy, gravity, inertia. Awesome powers, such
as the hydrogen bomb, may come from it. The existence of MAT–
TER offered God what He needed to reproduce Himself. After cre–
ation of reproductive plant life, God created animal life with the