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This necessitated that God's very own LIFE - Divine Goo–
life- be imparted. God
a Spirit-
of Spirit.
And yet this is made possible
after God's own holy. righ–
teous and perfect CHARACTER has been wrought in each human -
by that human's repentance and faith - during this earthly mortal
What a
plan God conceived. He would form man
of physical MATTER- so that, ifman totally failed, he could be as
though he had never been, could be destroyed. So God made man
of PHYSICAL substance, formed and shaped like God so that man
could be converted- changed from matter into Spirit composition
ata resurrection- a Spirit-composed member ofthe Goo
Can your mind grasp what matchless wisdom, power of de–
signing and planning, made our transcendent human potential
God first formed PLANT life - the flora. This was living mat–
ter reproducing itself, but without self-consciousness - without
brain. Next God created the fauna - animal life, in which He
placed BRAIN, with a certain consciousness, yet without the think–
ing, reasoning, decision-making processes. But MAN, to be repro–
duced into the Goo
AMILY, was designed to have a GODLY type
MIND, ability to think, reason, make choices and decisions - de–
velop God-like CHARACTER.
How could all this be done? Actually the brain of an ele–
phant, a whale or a dolphin is virtually equal in complexity, de–
sigo and quality and larger in size than human brain. The
chimpanzee's is also virtually equal, but slightly smaller in size.
WHY, then, is the human MIND so
transcendently superior
to ani–
mal brain?