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Such character - 1 repeat - is the ability in a single entity to
come to comprehend and distinguish the true values from the
false, the right way from the wrong, to choose the right and reject
the wrong, and, with power of WILL, to
the right and resist the
Animals are equipped with BRAIN and instinct. But they do
not have power to understand and choose moral and spiritual val–
ues or to develop perfect spiritual CHARACTER. Animals have
BRAIN, but no intellect- instinct, but no ability to develop HOLY
And that pictures the transcendental DIFFERENCE between
animal BRAIN and human MIND.
But WHAT CAUSES that vast difference?
There is virtually no difference in shape and construction be–
tween animal brain and human brain. The brains of elephants,
whales, and dolphins are larger than human brain, and the
chimp's brain is slightly smaller. Qualitatively the human brain
may be very slightly superior, but not enough to remotely account
for the difference in output.
What, then, can account for the vast difference? Science can–
not adequately answer. Sorne scientists, in the field of brain re–
search, conclude that, ofnecessity, there has to be sorne nonphysical
component in human brain that does not exist in animal brain.
But most scientists will not admit the possibility of the existence of
the nonphysical.
What other explanation is there? Actually, outside of the very
slight degree of physical superiority of human brain, science has
NO explanation, due to unwillingness to concede even the possi–
bility of the spiritual.
When man refuses to admit even the very existence of bis
own Maker, he shuts out of bis mind vast oceans of basic true
knowledge, fact, and UNDERSTANDING. When he substitutes FABLE
for truth, he is, of all men, MOST IGNORANT, though he professes
himself to be wise.
When man, in the name of science, denies - or by indiffer–
ence, ignores - bis Maker, he blinds bis mind to what he is, why
he is, where he is going, and what is THE WAY! No wonder this
world is filled with evils! There has to be a CAUSE for every effect!