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Let me make clear a few essential points about this spirit in
is spirit essence, just as in matter air is essence, and so is
water. This human spirit cannot see. The physical BRAIN sees,
through the eyes. The human spirit IN a person cannot hear. The
brain hears through the ears. This human spirit cannot think. The
brain thinks - although the spirit imparts the power to think,
whereas brute animal brains without such spirit cannot, except in
the most elementary manner.
A scripture often used by believers in an "immortal soul" ex–
plains. In I Corinthians 2, the apostle Paul is explaining to the
Corinthians that he did not come to them using hard to under–
stand speech as many do to exalt their own vanity. He carne to
them with plain and simple speech, in humility. And yet none of
the princes, the elite, the highly educated - the rulers - of this
world could understand.
couldn't the more highly learned understand? Because
he was preaching Christ's message of the Kingdom of God. This
knowledge. This kind of knowledge cannot be seen by
the physical eye, nor heard with the physical ear. Spiritual knowl–
edge cannot enter the human mind by natural means - for spirit
cannot be seen, heard, felt, tasted or smelled.
Then he explains that in this manner (verse ll) no MAN
could have the knowledge a man possesses, except by "the spirit
of man which is in him." The brute animal has a brain virtually
identical to human brain- and sorne even larger. But their brains
cannot KNOW- comprehend- what man knows. Neither could
man without the spirit of man which is in him. In other words, this
spirit imparts the power ofintellect to the human brain.
Yet this human MIND is limited to knowledge of the physical.
cannot KNOW - comprehend - the spiritual things of God.
WHY? Because even the human MIND only can know, naturally,
what knowledge comes to it through the senses of seeing, hearing,
smelling, tasting, feeling. A brute animal also may see, hear,
smell, taste or feel what a man does, and still be unable to utilize
what enters bis brain in thought or knowledge. The reason for this
will be explained later.
Now the second half of I Corinthians 2: 11: "EVEN so" (in
like manner) no man can know - have knowledge of, understand