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the human's MEMORY, his CHARACTER, his FORM AND SHAPE.
Now I do not conceive, naturally, that the spirit is a hollow
form. But it supplies the same purpose as the sculptor's mold. If
one has received the Holy Spirit, then in the resurrection, God
will provide a SPIRIT BODY, formed and shaped by the Spirit
mold. The resurrected being will be COMPOSED of SPIRIT, not mat–
ter as the human model was. In the resurrected SPIRIT form he
will suddenly come ALIVE.
will seem like the next flash
of a second from his loss of consciousness at time of death.
He will have all his memory intact. He will look as he did
in human life in form and shape. Even his fingerprints will
be the same.
The CHARACTER which he allowed God to build within him
will be there. He will be alive FOREVER! And, like God the Father,
by his own will, he will have been made so that he CANNOT sin
(1 John 3:9).
The body that comes in the resurrection is not the same body
that was ftesh and blood in this human lifetime. God does not
turn ftesh and blood matter INTO Spirit. The ftesh and blood phys–
ical body, after death, decomposes and decays, but the spirit that
was IN that body, like the sculptor's mold, preserves all the form
and shape, the memory, and the character INTACT. And that mold,
being spirit, does not
even though the resurrection may
take place thousands of years after death.
Notice what happens AT DEATH.
"Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was: and the
spirit shall return unto God who gave it." After death, whether
buried in the earth, cremated, or what, the physical body returns
to the earth. But the spirit that was IN the man, now having re–
corded everything - the body's form and shape, the facial iden–
tity, the memory and the character - returns to God.
will be
Such saints as Abraham, Moses, David and Daniel died
thousands of years ago. STOP AND THINK ABOUT
had to provide sorne way to PRESERVE the form, shape, appearance,
mind and character of saints for thousands of years. They were
composed of corruptible ftesh and blood. All that was THEM (man
is composed wholly of matter) long since decomposed. Yet in the