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small children
sob as the body of their mother
is lowered into a freshly dug
grave. She is another tragic vic–
tim claimed by the long night–
mare of terrorist bombings that
continue to blight the face of
Northern Ireland.
In Belfast, a young Roman
Catholic girl is lashed to a post
and mercilessly beaten by an
angry knot of men. Dozens of
people watch impassively from
their windows, making no at–
tempt to rescue her from her
enraged tormentors.
On the outskirts of Tripoli,
Lebanon, a band of gunmen or–
der 25 Moslem travelers to
evacuate a bus. With no warn–
ing they open fire with a
submachine gun and twelve in–
nocent victims are cut down in
the fusillade of bullets.
In Rome, the Pope reaffirms
his church's age-old stand on
the use of birth-control devices
as millions of people around the
world continue to suffer from
hunger, malnutrition and dis–
In Saudi Arabia, the govern-
The White Horse: False Religion
ment bans the use of con–
traceptives following a decree
from the World Moslem League
that "birth control was in–
vented by the enemies of
Religion: Boon or Bane?
To millions of people around
the world, such religious prac–
tices can be (and are) a definite
hazard to life and health. For
instance, the Hindu veneration
of the sacred cow certainly does
little to help the plight of mil–
lions of malnourished people
living on the Indian subcon–
tinent. Nor does their ancient
religious caste system. In recent
times "untouchables" have
been beaten for attempting to
satisfy their thirst from an up–
per-caste temple well.
Or consider the negative im–
pact Chairman Mao's revolu–
tionary revival had on the
peoples of the Far East. Mil–
lions of Chinese were enslaved
in a system right out of the
pages of Orwell's
quarters, Mao was (and still is)
virtually worshiped as a revolu–
tionary demigod; his little red
book became the Chinese Bible.
Many a militant Communist
was imbued with a quasi-reli–
gious "hellfire and brimstone"
zeal, and some were more than
ready to take up the sword in a
holy crusade against the