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How Christianity Lost Sight of Its Original Purpose
edged guarantee of eternal Im–
mortality. The idea that ex
and the human body are inher–
ent ly evi l also managed to per–
meate much of later religiou
thou ght.
But it wa the Greek philoso–
phers who really perfected and
articulated these fundamental
concepts. Plato wa perhaps
t h eir number-one proponent.
Concerning the idea of an im–
mortal soul, he wrote: ··The
oul, then, as being immortal,
and having been born again
many times, and having seen all
things that now exist, whether
in thi world or in the wor ld
below, ha knowledge of them
81) .
Unfortunately, as the Greek
philo ophe1 looked at it, thi
··poor soul" had to Jive here on
earth t rapped inside a human
body. According to Plato: "It i ,
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FOLLOWING ascetic life -style,
observes ritual at Wadi