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The White Horse: False Religion
The Medieval
Religious lerror
at itsWorst
Essentially, the Inquisition of the Middle Ages was a heavy–
handed attempt by the Roman Catholic Church to preserve its reli–
gious monopoly over the minds of men. Medieval Catholic dogma
had zero tolerance for the " church-of-your-choice" concept. There
was only one legitimate church and the individual better believe it or
else! Unfortunately, some chose not to believe and therein lay the
problem. The idea that a man might exercise his own intellect and
free moral agency was anathema in those days.
The Albigenses of Southern France were one such group who
broke from the fold in the la1e 11 OOs. Within short order they found
themselves the target of a full -fledged Papal Crusade (pictured
above). In 1209 a Catholic-led army sacked the town of Beziers with
disastrous results. Crusaders forced open doors of churches and
then proceeded to hack to pieces those who had sought refuge in–
side. Corpses were stacked up by the thousands as men and