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to Robert Leckie, the military
draft 'actually ... was the
handmaiden of the new religion
of Democracy"
p. 17). Napoleon was one of the
first military leaders to capital–
ize on this emerging national
religious fervor. His famed le–
gions swept over continental
Europe under the banners of
Liberty, Equality and Frater–
nity. Under his r u le France
found it possible to field armies
of half a million men and more.
The Mission of Marx
While the Western world was
going through the throes of this
The White Horse: False Religion
nationalistic turmoil, another
equally potent secular religious
movement was beginning to
make its first stirrings. It basi–
cally came out of the mind of a
disgruntled German political
organizer who popularized
words such as "proletariat,"
"bourgeois" and "dialectical."
Although its founders would
undoubtedly have taken strong
ex c e p t i o n to s u c h " b
phemous" religious labels,
Marxism was as bona fide a
tomb in London
cemetety. Inscription reads: " Work·
ers of all lands unite. "