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Adolf Hitler:
A Latter–
Hans Frank,
Governor General of Poland: " Hitler is lonely . So is
God . Hitler is like God" (Wallace
Deuel, People Under Hitler, p .
78). "Hitler has received his authority from God. Therefore he is a
champion sent by God, for German right in the world" (Thomas Re–
veille, The Spoil of Europe, p . 58).
Dr. Adolf Rosenberg,
Reich minister: "God has revealed himself in
Adolf Hitler" (Ernest Jackh, The War for Man 's Soul, p . 23).
Dr. Robert Ley,
head of German Labor Front, in a speech (1937):
" And we believe that this Almighty God has sent us Adolph Hitler, so
that Germany shall have eternal Security."
Hermann Goring:
'I have no conscience. My conscience is Adolf
Hitler" (Walter Langer, The Mind of Adolf Hitler. p. 76).
Rhenish group of German Christians:
" Hitler's word is God 's law,
the decrees and laws which represent it possess divine authority"
(Thomas Reveille, The Spoil of Europe, p. 57).
Baldur von Schirach,
Hitler Youth leader: " He who serves Germany
serves God . and he who serves God serves Germany " (Ernest
Jackh, The WarforMan'sSoul, p . 24).
Hans Kerrl ,
church minister: " The question of the divinity of Christ is
ridiculous and inessential. . .. A new authority has arisen as to what
Chnst and Christianity really are: Adolf Hitler. Hitler is the true Holy
Ghost " (Ernest Jackh, The War for Man's Soul, p. 23).
Thuringian churchwarden:
" Christ has come to us through Adolf
Hitler" (Joachim C. Fest, Hitler. p . 444).
Words painted on the side of a hill in pre-war Germany:
" We be–
lieve in Holy Germany. Holy Germany is Hitler ! We bel ieve in Holy
Hitler!! " (Patsy Ziemer. Two Thousand and Ten Days of Hitler. p . 84 .)